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Spark Alert state of the art App grows with your needs.  Spark Alert is always engineering products to better enhance your security protection and practical use of technology in your home or business.  You can find the Spark Alert App in the Apple and Google stores.

Spark Alert is here to provide you with the very best in security that grows with you.  Spark Alert protects you with practical and sensible protection via your cell phone with an easy to use app.  The Spark Alert products are easy to install and work with ease. Spark Alert is here for you! 

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Thank you for choosing Spark Alert!  We guarantee to work hard for you and to provide you with all the security you need.  Spark Alert works in a new way, providing services and products that grow with your needs.  If you have a system currently and want to review your system and pricing then please reach out to Spark Alert and see if we can help reduce your costs.  

Spark Alert makes installation easy, the ability to contact a live human support person in the USA and last but not least, lots of support documentation to assist you where needed in installing, using and and securing your life.  You can ask yourself the following questions to help you justify the change – choose Spark Alert!

When do their rates go up? Usually after one year. OURS DO NOT

How long did you wait when you called your bundled security company for help? WE RESPOND IMMEDIATELY

The last time you reached out to them - did they even answer the phone? WE ANSWER

What is their penalty for early termination? WE HAVE NONE, CANCEL ANYTIME

Do you really want to trust your family’s safety to a company that just adds Security as another product? SPARK ALERT IS SECURITY

Our Mission

Spark Alert works to protect your Home, Apartment, Business, Large Corporation and your Retail establishment no matter how large or small. With 24/7 monitoring and your ability to interact with your system in the Spark Alert app you can feel confident and secure that we are working to protect you! Place your trust in us and we will prove that you made a great investment with Spark Alert!!

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